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    "Last week I worked with this incredible and professional woman. It was a pleasure to work with #StanaKatic” (x)

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    "Today I worked with this incredible woman. Stana Katic" (x)

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  3. Stana Katic + “The tourist” bts

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  4. the natural order of things

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  5. (x)

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    Oh, Kris is so sweet, he’s watching her…Cuteee. Cuties

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  8. Maybe we can figure out who is this, by legs ROFLMAO

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    Look if you find.

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    When I told her that the day Castle and Beckett got together in s4 was my birthday and it was the greatest gift I could have ever gotten she fucking reanacted the shut the front door scene in front of us!!! 

    In the screenshot (taken from a video that is waaaaaay too shaky to post) she’s pretending to kiss Nathan. My 2 years ago self had a little bit of an emotional crisis right there.

    This woman is the embodiment of perfection seriously.

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  12. Close Up featuring Nathan Fillion (x)

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    Why you should watch Castle (part 1/??)



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    Nathan Fillion sleeping in the morgue. 

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